Friday, July 22, 2011

Universal Dickhead Theory

It's been theorized that great minds think alike.

So, surely, the same must refer to dickheads (Best Wikipedia edit ever, just BTW)?

It was a nagging inkling at first, some kind of Spidersense-type itch on my frontal lobes that I just couldn't account for... but I had noticed that every single moron on the road (and in Perth, I assure you, there's a few), had a GPS stuck firmly in the centre of their windscreen. The nagging inkling graduated to a persistent concern when I was in Malaysia in March, driving my wife and parents back to Klang from a trip out to the Cameron Highlands...

Over a period of 4 hours, I'd realised that every single Malaysian who otherwise appeared to be missing a chromosome also appeared to be driving a Proton of one type or another.

And that's when it struck me...

"Just because you have/drive/use/think/like X does not make you a Dickhead. However, every Dickhead I've ever met has/drives/uses/thinks/likes X".

It's a wonderfully universal theorum, and you can use it in a wide variety of conversations and contexts - everything from GPS, Malaysian Drivers and anime to politicians, Lord Monckton or The West Coast Eagles.

Speaking of which, I am genuinely pleased to actually see the Eagles doing better this year, and although Freo's had a couple of decent wins of late (Sorry Sydney fans, as much as I usually like you... See that at 4:24? That's a throw, kids. Accept some reality or alternatively, Eat a Dick) I actually think the Eagles will win this one pretty convincingly.

Also, Dat Ass.

In other football news, I'm afraid my Dream Team has also been munching on penor - mainly thanks to the Sub Rule. It's pissed enough of my mates off that our long-standing DT League will likely be given the Sodom and Gamorrah treatment next year.

More Generally, if you get a chance and you can afford it, go Here. You'll probably have to sell 57% of your mother's organs on the Chinese black market to afford it, but it's worth every penny... You'll note the two 'Poor' reviews. I would suggest to you that the first French poster is a greenie nutbag, and the second is a crack-addled whinger who needs a blow job really quite badly. Seriously, the place will probably be underwater in the next decade or two, so if you get the chance, don't pass it up.

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