Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pilbara does funny things to a person

So... for anyone who ever wondered how someone unaccustomed to working in a "mining site" environment manages it (or doesn't)... I present two examples of what, exactly, the Pilbara can do to someone....

Interwebs, meet Adam.

Yes, yes, he is indeed a mad cunt. But in the nicest way possible, I assure you. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his Chatte de Folie was either the result of his one trip up to Kandama (.... ok, two) or if his tongue wasn't firmly in cheek.

Astra on the other hand, seems to have been affected by the lifestyle up north in a much deeper, more profound, and decidedly more extensive way. Way to fly the flag for classy chicks everywhere.....

Kinda makes you wonder if the 'St Kilda girl' has been spending any time near Karratha recently, considering how whacked out some of her antics have been... Now, without in the slightest way condoning the conduct of any Saint Kilda player who may be involved either directly or indirectly with some of the shenanigans that have been going on over there of late (Hell, I've spent a not inconsiderable amount of time in a boy's club of my own but none of us ever pranced around naked let alone took happy snaps of each other prancing around naked) but I must say that since this "laaaaazer" - erm, I mean "news story", first broke in late 2010, my initially scathing opinion of this young girl has mellowed somewhat.

Yes, she's lied as it now turns out... probably about a number of things, given her story was riddled with inconsistencies right from the start, but I now find myself feeling just as sorry for her as I do for some of the St Kilda players who've never met her, but are still copping it regardless. Not because she's been victimised by the AFL, or St Kilda FC, but because she quite clearly has issues, and no not the kind of issues that Barney Stinson finds irresistable. No, it's pretty clear from her complete inability to admit any wrongdoing, take any responsibility or even acknowledge that she may have committed a youthful folly without blaming the world at large and maintaining victim status in the very next breath. Sociopath much?

The real tragic thing here is that most of her family have pretty much reached the limit of their patience and are washing their hands of her... Whilst I'm sure the lack of support she has available is self-inflicted (apparently she's refused help from the AFL that was repeatedly offered), that doesn't change the fact that the poor lass needs help of some kind nonetheless...

Speaking of people needing Help? People who are this ballsy deserve some. They've been through massive and probably largely untold piles of shit, and yet the place hasn't fucking imploded. If you've got the spare cash, think about throwing some their way ey?

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