Wednesday, February 24, 2010

10 Internets

Yeah ok, so it's been a while.

You should be thankful that there's one less source of filth perverting and corrupting an already filthy internets.

Speaking of filth (in a good way), here's a list of people I think should get 10 Internets -

1. Nat Tran, for making Sydney slightly cooler than it actually is.
2. Michael Kania, of Philadelphia USA, for asking the tough questions.
3. The Dukes of Holland, for obvious reasons.
4. Roger Chan, the Bus Uncle.
5. Anyone who thinks Moot is a Fag.
6. Sid Meier. Looking forward to Civ 5 like you wouldn't believe.
7. Jamie Bamber. How can one man be so full of win? The only way he could get cooler is if Apollo travelled forward in time, met up with Archie Kennedy and simultaneously fed the Cylons and the French Navy manwiches. My mancrush poureth over, that guy is so awesome his existence is a threat to the security of NATO.

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