Friday, July 22, 2011


Am I the only one who's getting shat off with the idea of every single application post Web 2.0 being all about connectivity?

What happened to the good old days, when "connecting with someone" meant a mutually consenting, responsible but thoroughly enjoyable exchange of genital fluids?

I don't fucking want my LinkedIn profile to be linked with my Facebook! People get into all sorts of drama precisely because they don't recognise Costanza's Law of Mixing Worlds...

Now don't get me wrong... Seinfeld was a singularly unfunny show, and it's my genuine and wholehearted belief that the cast had the collective talent of a guinea pig on crystal meth. But when then Writers conjured up this particular joke, they were on to something. It wasn't humour, but it was something

Never in my entire existence has any experiment which involved mixing "circles" in my life ended well, or as well as I'd hoped. Indeed, things always ran much much more smoothly when they were deliberately kept seperate. Not so much because of the concept of wearing different "faces" in different "circles", but because the people in each circle were connected to me for very different reasons. It's far less about me than it is about them.

To just assume that those close to you from one area of your life will mix perfectly with those from another area is a bit like Zionists claiming the territory which encompasses the current nation of Israel purely or primarily because "God gave it to us" (he also took it away IIRC) - By all means try it... but unsubstantiated arrogance, like the Australian Tax Office, is likely to come around and fuck you in the ass sooner or later and when it does don't be surprised if it doesn't a) wear a condom, b) use lube, or c) so much as buy you dinner first or comment on the nice purfume you went to the trouble of wearing (or buy you that thing you like).

So why, oh why, must everything be connected to everything else?

Google with Blogspot; News websites with Twitter; Facebook with everything... Say it ain't So, Steam!!! (I wonder if Mark Zuckerburg realises his child is the new media equivalent of an Essex Slapper?)

And we're not just talking about ideology... because, like most intelligent people, I like to have varying login details (Usernames, Passwords etc) from site to site I now get punished with login difficulties due to the shared nature of sites running contrary to stored browser cookies which used to be ok when sites didn't share authentication.

At this rate, bring on the Ron D Moore-sque AI revolt.

Here's something I'd like to "Share" with Zuckerburg, Page, Dorsey et al; I've got your connectivity Right Here....

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