Friday, May 18, 2012

Too Late... I've bred.

I'm a Dad!

Now, as much as I'm sure there would be some folks who would not view this as a positive event, I can assure any concerned netizens that my daughter will be brought up in a responsible, balanced, and positive way so that she can eventually become an upstanding member of society.

Oh and just from a design point of view, all linkeys now open in a new window.... Like this one (Seriously don't open it... too late...? Gah, ok, use this or this)

My daughter's arrival just happened to coincide with the release of Diablo 3, which may actually be considered problematic if I was ever actually a Diablo fan and had any interest whatsoever in playing it. Needless to say I'm looking forward to all the fun stuff that parenting holds in store... like cleaning up poop.

I'm liking the look of the new Civ 5 expansion, hopefully between it and the release of the "Source" by 2K, the game might actually get some fresh life as well as a bit of depth, injected into it. Plus I'll be able to play as a bunch of furs-clad wild northeners... all the game will need then is the ability to counter the inevitable Mass Denounciations by pestering all the other leaders with "WINTER IS COMING!!!"

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