Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tis the season to be Trolling...

Well it's coming up on ANZAC Day yet again....

Time for the dipshits in the media to do their utmost to whip the masses into bile-swilling frenzy. Didn't think the best Trolling effort would come from the Kiwi's though.

Well played Good Sir... Successful Troll is Successful.

I met New Zealander cockheads like this guy on the Peninsula 5 years ago. But then again, I met even more Australian cockheads on the Peninsula 5 years ago too.... just another reason to feel sorry for the good people of Turkey I guess.

What is it about ANZAC Day that brings out the worst in people? Seriously? Lefties get all worked up about using the day to pursue an anti-war agenda and accuse everyone who wants to engage in quiet commemoration and reflection as Nazi's.... Bogans get all "if you don't like it, leave".... Meanwhile a too-small-a-proportion of the populace (usually serving or former ADF or families related to serving or formerly serving ADF) actually 'Get the Point' (TM) and try to ignore everyone else's nerdrage.

But it'll be an interesting ANZAC Day in Perth this year. The arrival of a supercarrier and a guided missile cruiser is always something which makes the news, but for it to coincide with ANZAC Day? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to drink with US service personnel... have done so before, and they're a great bunch. Very friendly, unfailingly polite, and well disciplined. The issue will be in what happens when they meet the locals.

Perth's single males historically haven't taken too kindly to having any number of single women flock to other single guys in uniforms (there's a reason why the Army forbids it's personnel to go out in Uniform of any type, the Navy still allows it because they're a bit special). Now the USN and USMC very wisely don't go out all dressed up any more either, but you can imagine what Barney's Guy/Chick co-efficient is going to look like come Wednesday night? Here's a hint... it's a Zone of some sort....

Not a bad start to the year by the Dockers. I'm a bit nervous about Fyfey's shoulder, but with Morabito looking on the mend, and Mundy and Barlow back and with Ross Lyon at the helm we're looking in pretty decent shape to at least get a bit of respectability about ourselves. Still no matter what happens, we'll never be as bad as Port.

Wifey's about two weeks away from popping out our first, so I guess I better get some sleep while I still can. Should anyone actual stumble on this thing (HA!), have a great ANZAC Day! See you when I next get the urge to write more drivel in six months or so.

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