Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogging, Wierd illnesses and Kings of Leon vs Oasis

Ah, yes... back again. Blogging once more.

I type even as some part of my soul shrivels and recoils in betrayal with a perfunctory internal protest of "In the name of GOD, What the FUCK are you doing??" as I allow myself to do this again. I mean, last time I actually really only gave it up because it was something an Emo ex was so heavily into... mind you, she was also the reason my first blog lasted more than 2 posts, so there you go...

I think what it really comes down to, when all's said and done is that I'm a loud-mouthed wanker. And as a result, I like to sound off about shit every now and then, even if no-one will ever really care for long enough to read the text that I no doubt wasted a half hour or so publishing to that thar interwebs. Having said that, I'm sure I'll no doubt piss someone off at some stage.

Between the description of this blog, and the warning that I've set it should be pretty fucking clear that if you are easily offended, you shouldn't be reading this blog. EVAR.

Now, that doesn't mean I absolve myself of all responsibility for what I say in a public forum. But what it does mean is that if I come out with some random comment such as "Malaysia is the global home of unbridled faggotry, and I can see why Singapore didn't want a bar of their bullshit", then chances are there's some underlying logic behind my making such a contentious statement. And if you're too offended to give a shit why I made that statement, and just want to rage, my response to you will pretty much always be this.

Furthermore, if you're wondering as to why I'm inclined to make such a statement, feel free to comment asking "Good sir, what is the underlying logic behind my making such a contentious statement?" as opposed to "Hai fuk u aussie, why u disrespek my country lah? - Signed, Ah-Beng Dickhead." If you leave a comment with the former, you may actually receive a thought-out and reasoned response. Not necessarily one you'll agree with, but if universal agreement is one of your lifelong hopes and dreams, I'm afraid you're pushing shit uphill. But at least your counterpoint will be listened to.

TL;DR - If you're easily offended, do yourself (if not me) a favour, and don't read this blog. Move the fuck on. :)

Having said that, this isn't 4Chan's /b/ or ED or any shit like that. By all means if you really want to slum it, fill your boots. I personally like to get a little unclean every now and then, but too much of anything is a bad thing.

So... Wierd Illnesses.

Really did think I had H1N1 as of about Monday. Had all the symptoms. And Maurice the neighbourhood's wild hog, was a bit sniffly. Then I found out a) my body core temp is about 4 degrees lower than it should be, so no real "fever" there, and b) the scourge of Maurice was no more since the local ranger took care of him (Well ok, that's bullshit, but so's the idea that an 11 year old in Florida shot a pig three times his fucking size). Anyway, yeah, not fun. Swine Flu's supposed to be mild isn't it?

Which reminds me.... Kings of Leon.

All their songs sound identical. They're the new Oasis. I swear to Christ if I actually possessed enough talent and hand-eye coordination to actually play a guitar, I'd be able to achieve what Tripod did and roll through every hit said band has had using the same chord progression.

Anyway I think I've made enough asinine outbursts for one day. Probably won't update regularly for several very good reasons, two of which being 1) Regular updates make this kinda thing a chore, and not a pleasure like it should be and 2) Like most people I need time between Blog posts to actually have interesting shit to talk about, since I'm as boring as a hobo fucking a hog which is three times the size of an 11 year old Florida boy.... actually, someone do Rule 34 on that shit, it could be interesting...

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